Free Xbox Live Codes :- No Survey / Download(New)

With an increase in the popularity of Xbox gaming console, there has been also an increase in the Xbox live code generators who claim to provide the legit codes.

It is very difficult to find the free Xbox live gold codes no surveys as you can find a number of fake websites.

This is why we take all necessary steps in creating our Xbox live code generator for free to ensure that our users are satisfied in using it. With our codes, you can even get the Xbox live membership by choose the type of subscription you need.

How to use the generator?

  • Click on the button Access Generator.
  • Now you will be redirected to the page where our generator tool is available.
  • Enter your Microsoft username and choose the type of device you are using.
  • Select the type of subscription you need and click on the button Start Generate.
  • Our generator will start processing your request and if your username is valid then the code will be sent to your registered email id.
  • Open your mail inbox and click on the code to reveal it.
  • Enter this code on your Xbox console to redeem it.

About our Xbox Live Code Generator:

Most of the players are not aware of the safety and security of the generator they are going to use.

By using the fake generators you will not only fail to get the codes but also your money by providing your sensitive information. This is why you need to know about the generator which you have decided to use and this where exactly we want to explain you about our generator.

Our Xbox live code generator was designed and developed on a reliable technology where all our users are able to make use of it to receive their gift cards and codes.

Most of the generators are backed without any infrastructure which in reality generates authentic codes which in turn means that it has become increasingly hard for the gamers to find the legit codes.

However, our team is grouped with 8 gaming enthusiasts who have invested both their resources and time into developing our extraordinary proprietary system.

It took more than a year to complete our Xbox live code generator in order to become operational, reliable, free, and successful. And finally, we came to know that it is a well worth investment.

We believe that you will get what you need to enjoy the best gaming experience on your Xbox console by using our generator. Like you, there are a number of players worldwide who have already used our generator and are very pleased to earn the Xbox gift card codes in the range of $150,000.

We know that it definitely a huge sum to get the Xbox codes and here is where our generator helps you to save your money. The codes you have generated using our generator can be used to purchase games and also Xbox live subscription to play them.

We also offer you the free Xbox live codes in three different formats:

One month

Three months

Twelve months

You can choose the mode you like and get these Xbox live gold deals straight into your game console. You have the option to use any mode depending on your need, one of the favorites and most popular Live Gold is Twelve months. You can get that without really doing anything and put the code straight to your game console and that’s it you are all set to play.

You can find a number of games all the time which are appearing and more promising than others with the Gold membership. If you don’t have a Gold membership, then you will not be allowed to play all those amazing games which the Microsoft release four games per month free for all Gold members. Not only the new releases or free games you will also get the access of live membership to many online movie portals which are worth to watch.

Features of our Xbox Live Code Generator:

  • Generates unlimited working and legit codes.
  • 100% working with almost all Xbox consoles
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Choose 1-month, 3 months and 12 months subscription plan
  • Free from hackers and virus
  • No purchase required
  • Complete protection with security and safety feature of your game account.

How to get Free Xbox Live codes?

As you all know that, Xbox is one of the most popular consoles over the years of the gaming world, and it even has the free Xbox gold membership code which you can take advantage of an amazing deal.

A number of gamers love to play their favorite games on this console because it offers a wide range of popular titles, along with numerous other perks like achievements and much more.

Xbox even offers a unique membership in the form of Xbox live gold codes through which people can connect with their friends and play online anytime from anywhere.

However, when a player intends to play the Xbox games online then they need to pay for a subscription which is not at all fair considering the fact that they have already paid for the games.

This is the reason why our website is providing you with free Xbox live gold codes so that you can enjoy all the fabulous deals of a gold promotion without needing to pay anything.

Don’t you find it one of the best deals which make it easy for you to keep your money intact while also allowing you to play the best and latest games which you can find on your favorite console?

It is obviously an amazing experience to get the opportunity of playing the games on Xbox live console for free because the games on this console are particularly designed to enhance the fun and excitement, something which you will definitely enjoy.

When you are trying for free Xbox live codes you will realize that there is no need to pay in order to get these codes since you can earn them on our website at free of cost.

Earning Xbox live gold codes is very easy as you just need to complete the sponsor offers then the code will be revealed to you without paying anything.

How to redeem codes?

After gaining the codes by using our generator, you need to know how to redeem these codes on Xbox console if you want to make use of them effectively. The Xbox one gift card you earned need to be redeemed before its expiry date otherwise, the code will serve no purpose.

When you earn the code first, you need to find the expiry period of that particular code. So that you will know how much time you have to redeem it.

If you want to redeem right away, then login into your Microsoft account on Xbox console. From the homepage, select Settings option and click on the Redeem code button. Enter the code which you have earned using our generator.

Now your Xbox account will be rewarded with the points you have earned by redeeming the code. The points you receive will depend on the type of subscription you have selected. You can get Xbox live 12 month code, Xbox 3 month code, or Xbox live 1 month code subscription after redeeming the code.

What do you gain by choosing us?

So here comes the question, why do you need to choose us instead of any other websites? As you might already found a number of websites who promise to provide you with legit and working codes, it is very difficult in choosing a website which is reliable.

We know most the websites you find will not offer you what you need. Unlike them, we provide you with legit and working Xbox live codes at free of cost and you can use them to purchase items on Xbox store.

Our Xbox generator will help you to earn an unlimited amount of benefits even though you have no idea about it. We know that not everyone is aware of using our generator and they might have a few questions which they would like to know and this is why we have offered you with customer support.

You will get access to our splendid customer support team who work 24×7 to provide the ultimate service and answers any questions you might want to know about using our Xbox generator.

Even though our support system is a straightforward service and is very easy to use, we still love to answer and connect with gamers like you and so if any questions arise about using our Xbox generator, then we are here to help you in any way possible to find the best solution.

What do you get?

We don’t want to boast things by saying that we do an exceptional service instead we love to hear it from you how well you liked our service. But however, we can guarantee you that we are successful on every code we provide you which our system generates.

We do understand it is very difficult to find a reliable source with the existence of unlimited generators for Xbox live gold codes but we hope to earn your trust and give our free Xbox live gift cards a try. You will get to know about our generator and in a matter fact you will find out whether we are sticking to our words or not.

If you find that we are legit then you can share our link with your friends and your dearest ones who love to play games on Xbox console. Not only you will be benefited by using our generator, but you also have the freedom to use our system an endless number of times to get unused free Xbox one game codes!! This will allow you and your friends to start the best gaming experience online today for free.

What is the use of earning Free Xbox Live Codes?

The Xbox gold codes allow you to stay connected with Xbox community at all times as you can create your own avatar, contact your friends, and you can even compare the games with them and receive requests worldwide.

Along with this, our service will also allow you to gain achievements in various games and you can then compare them with your friends which is obviously a great thing to do. Therefore, this will enlighten the spirits of the players and encourages your friends to try and rack up the highest score to beat you.

As you get access to our free Xbox code generator, it will allow you to track all your gameplay activity in your favorite games which is really an unexceptional feature.

Other ways to earn Free Xbox Live Codes:

If you still insist on finding the legit ways to get Xbox live codes without using the generator, then you can the below methods and consider yourself lucky because we have tested the below mentioned 5 methods to get free Xbox live codes. You can read all the methods and choose the one which you find suitable for your need.

1. Create a new Xbox Account:

Do you know that when you create a new Xbox account, you will get the opportunity of using the Xbox live free trial for one month? You need to make sure to learn and squeeze maximum output during the free trial period. If you want to get a one-month trial of Xbox lives then follow the below steps.

  • First of all, enter your login credentials and login to your Microsoft account and go to the subscriptions page.
  • Now click on the option Gold Membership which is 1-month free trial and then click on the button Next.
  • In the next screen, add your valid billing details.
  • Now complete the registration by entering the required details.
  • After successful registration, you will receive 1-month gold membership Xbox live.
  • Points to remember when you are in a free monthly trial period:
  • You can access the Xbox live gold membership for trial with only one name.
  • With one console, you can get only three trial accounts.
  • After the completion of three trial accounts, Microsoft will not send you a message regarding the Xbox live gold trial account.
  • Enter your location and country details correctly to get your offer.
  • You have to ensure that you cancel your membership before the free trial period expires. You need to cancel the free one month trial period at least one day before.

2. Earn Free Xbox Live Trial as a complementary in some games:

Not all the games on the Xbox console will offer you free Xbox live trial membership. But you can find games which give free Xbox live trial membership which ranges from 48 hours to 1 month. Games like NHL, FIFA, Halo will offer complimentary free Xbox live trial codes which last for more than 14 days to 1 month.

3. Create multiple accounts using new mail ids:

You have the option to create multiple accounts by using different new email ids and get free Xbox live gold trial membership.

While using this method, all you need to keep in mind that you create a new account after completing the first free one-month membership and then use the newly created account to generate a second free trial membership.

All you need to ensure is that you use a new account. And also make sure that you cancel your free trial live membership before it expires to avoid paying up for the whole month even though you didn’t want to.

4. Make sure your Xbox Live Gold Trial is Active:

Coming to this method, we would suggest that this method works only with those games who own Xbox live account but did not deactivate their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

If you are the one who did not ever activated or deactivated your Xbox live gold trial, then this method is for you. Follow the below steps to utilize this option.

  • Log in to your Microsoft account and click on the Subscription page.
  • Now select the Gold 1-month free trial as subscription present there.
  • Select your Payment type and enter your credit card details.
  • Enter your current address and country and follow the onscreen wizard.
  • Make sure that you cancel the free trial subscription before the end of one month.

5. Check out the latest trial bonus for new Xbox consoles:

In order to increase the sales, Microsoft gives Xbox live redeem codes on Xbox consoles. To find about these codes, you need to check the big stores and Microsoft official store to avail these types of offers.

Xbox live coupons are bundled with new consoles during the time of some great events like Christmas, New year, and Black Friday deals.


If you want to save your pocket money but still want to experience the Xbox live gold free, then you need to start using our generator and get the codes for free of charge meaning you don’t need to pay a single penny. Why are you still wasting your time? Go ahead and try our efficient Xbox live code generator to get the codes right away and experience the best like you never did before.

You can even get the Xbox live free trial codes if you want to test the codes on your Xbox console. With our Xbox free live codes, you will have the opportunity to play your favorite and latest games with your friends anytime you want to. At last, we would like to conclude that our site will not only help you in generating the free Xbox gift cards but it will also help you save a lot of money which is what you love the most.